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Cancellation Policy



At Evolve we require a card on file to book with us. As a courtesy to our stylists and guests on our waitlist, we require a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you are reserving a time slot that then cannot be filled by anyone else. Cancelling or rescheduling with little notice means your stylist will go unpaid for those hours in the day. In the event that proper notice is not given, the card on file with be charged a fee for the amount of time you reserved. This fee is due before we can book your next appointment at Evolve. A cancellation policy is no fun, but it is our best effort at keeping a respectful relationship between you and your stylist. 

Hourly Fees for Late Cancellation

Color appointments $25/hour

Extension appointments- Half of the total cost

Haircuts and other appointments $20

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